26 October 2005

A bad night at the movies

As you might know - "bad" sometimes is used to mean "good bad" - some things can be so bad it makes for a good experience. My now favourite on-line retailer, Stupid.com, have a nifty package called Bad Movie Night in which you get the usuals for a good movie night like soft drink cups, pop-corn for your micro, a barf bag, etc. AND 2 really BAD movies of your choice on DVD. The idea is you can make a bad movie night at home.

If you can't afford the 20 bucks, I can recommend a home made solution (one we tried on rainy nights in the junior officers baracks back when I was a young sergeant): Here's what you do: Join with some mates. Buy a lot of junk food, at least a case of beers (at least 8 liters) for *each* of the spectators, have everyone put on slippers and a much-used and little-washed helsetrøye (no clue what this garment would be called in English). Where we used to send someone down to the video rental, in our days you should be downloading, the following movies (more beer for your budget) from a P2P network near you: All the Rambo movies and another bad movie of your choice (my suggestion would be Lord of War if you can get it). Now you should be set up for a bad night at the movies, but only if you respect these rules:
  1. All movies have to be shown with no notable break between the screenings
  2. You have to drink all the beers between the start of the first (of the four) movies and the end of the last one
  3. You can only sleep through one of the movies
It's really bad, I can promise you, bad as in bad, bad bad (for some) and, of course, good bad :-)

21 October 2005

Pixels for sale!

Here's something that is indeed strange to buy - and apparently also will be an unlikely return on investment. Alex Tew, a 21 year old Student in the UK has set up a page where you can by advertising at $1 per pixel. The catch: You have to buy a minimum of 100 pixels at a time. I'm now looking for good designers who can devise ads that are 1x1 pixel and try to beat Alex at his game!

19 October 2005

Nihilist chewing gum

Starving from people not sending me pointers I decided to go and find something strange to buy myself today. And boy! did I find what I was looking for!

There is a really stupid shop out there called Stupid.com - It will give me stuff to desire and blog about for years. My favourite so far in their selection is the Nihilist Chewing Gum - the gum without taste. It is, as any well-meaning nihilist would have it, "pointless as life itself".

I hope they will send me a sample in return for this terrific free advertising :-)

17 October 2005

Gregory Gray - where art thou?

Today it's not about something I found - it's about something I didn't find. Dammit! :-(

You know those odd records friends of you used to buy back in the vinyl days - and you made a tape copy? Well Gregory Gray's LP Think of Swans was one of them for me. And now I'd give "anything" to get the CD. Well - guess what - it doesn't exist. I can find obscure references to it, and I can even get some guy in Utah to get the LP, make a professional version CD of it and have me sent both - but the price is a bit stiff and I don't know this guy in Utah....

And anyway my old record player is out of work and I seem to have natural place for a new one in my house. So this time - your turn to help me out: Help me find the album on MP3 somewhere. Pleeez :-)

10 October 2005

Never stumble again!

In our series "what to buy for your mum" we're proud to present a new invention: Flashlights with slippers on them!

Personally I'd want flashlights integrated in my specs instead - maybe someone could tell me where to find it?


03 June 2005

Reduce stress

For some reason I never manage to get really stressed. Too bad since it would allow me to buy some stuff I don't already have. The Boob Stress Reliever looks like it's worth trying. I wonder if it could cause other forms of nervous reactions though...Boob Stress Chest - Boobs Hand Reliever

08 December 2003


Today, Blogwise - the famous Blog directory - added ShopWord to its listings. Man - it made my day!

26 November 2003

A new kind of joint

Well - finally - for those who always wanted to try marihuana but never wanted to break the law. And - even better - you don't need to find a pusher and drive those shady alleys. The Original Herbal Smoke Shop has everything you need. It's like walking into a virtual Amsterdam café except I guess you won't actually get high. Ah - the things you can buy on-line...

20 November 2003

Is old weird?

Still looking for strange things to buy. www.weirdstuff.com sounded promising. It turns out it's not really weird stuff they sell, though, just old. On the other hand, the store should be just the right place if you want to build something weird :-)

19 November 2003

Strange things to buy

I didn't really have a good idea for what strange thing to look for today, so I simply thought I should look for whatever comes up when searching for "strange things to buy" at BizRate.com. And guess what? There are 25 items categorized into four *subcategories* for "Strange things to buy!" What can be stranger?

18 November 2003

Drive a tank before you die!

So many things to do before life ebbs out... And it seems - you can get most of it on-line. Why not go tank-driving in Hampshire, UK while the rest of the UK goes sXmas hopping in London? Of course - it might be cheaper (so you can drive your tank even more for the savings, if you just get your husband/wife to buy all the Xmas gifts on-line :-)

I'll be looking for strange things to buy on-line. Drop me a mail at gard{at}kelkoo.com if you want to share!

17 November 2003

A big step for real-estate agents

The web is full of interesting things you can buy - and it doesn't even have to be expensive to be really mind-blowing. What about buying land on the moon?

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